Saxophone/Key Bass

Name: Alan Wilkins

Nick Name: AL, Big AL, G-AL, AL Breezy, Bean Head, Jolley Green, Alvin, light-skin I know it said just one, o well.

Birthday: February 8th

Favorite Food: If my body allowed me to live off homemade Mac n cheese and candied yams and sweet tea I’d be good!

Influences: Father and Mother; musical influences, Rich Perry , Logan Richardson, Kenny Garret (the other KennyG), Walter Smith III, Ben Schacter , Grover Washington Jr… etc…

Favorite Music: I’m a jazz head, worship too, other music as well….

Likes: playing basketball, driving, peace, teaching , EATIng, the list goes on……

Dislikes: drama , negativity, writing lesson plans (Teacher’s Enemy)

Favorite Movie: It’s always changing , right now the “Lego Movie(Everything is Awesome)” I’m a kid at heart …

Favorite TV show: Sports Center(is this really a show or just an update channel) , House, the Mentalist, etc….

Hometown: Military- Kid, Everywhere ,USA but currently residing in Riverside, NJ

Birthplace: Norfolk, VA that 757