Name: Benjamin Ekwueme Akuma

Nick Name: Bishop, Bain, Ben-Jamin, Ekwueme (My middle name… Pronounced: E-Kway-May)

Birthday: January 6th

Favorite Food: My Mom’s Mac-N-Cheese and Fried Chicken, my Dad’s Nigerian Pepper Soup, and my Sister’s Banana Pudding (side-note: I definitely have a fruit allergy, but having swollen throat is worth it for some banana pudding)

Influences: My Dad and Mom, my sisters, Robert Glasper, Aaron Lyndsay, Israel Houghton, Dorion Morgan, Daniel Eural

Favorite Music: Love the R&B sounds from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, and pretty much anything that has a good groove and a quality message

Likes: Being in the presence of positive/go-getting/creative people, summer rainstorms

Dislikes: When it rains after I spent 3 hours washing my truck! smh

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future Trilogy, Loving Jezebel, Wreck-it-Ralph (I’m a kid at heart J)

Favorite TV show: Law & Order: SVU (Dun Dun, lol), Grey’s Anatomy, The Newroom, Suits, Chicago PD

Hometown: Burlington Township, NJ

Birthplace: Willingboro, NJ

Instrument(s): Organ, Piano, drums, bass (getting better everyday!), spoons and tabletops